Pastor Mr & Mrs Russell Alston


Our parish site exists to meet the needs of its members, and to help those members in times of hardship. We worship together as a community of believers of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. We support one another’s values and beliefs. We nurture the faith of our members in a variety of ways. We have weekly bible study, nation wide rehab, detox with free transportation, and a substance abuse program.

Word of Grace New Covenant Ministries

40 Bank Street

Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Pastor Russell Alston

Services: Sunday 11:00 am

Salvation’s Grace: Tuesday 7:00 pm

Bible study: Wednesday 7:00 pm

Free transportation.


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We offer Free transportation. and Nation wide placement. There is also an In patient work therapy program. 

More importantly, partnering with the Salvation Army has afforded the program the availability of 119 in-patient rehab centers throughout the United States for those clients who are in need of long term in-patient services.  Additionally, Salvation’s Grace transports clients to and from in-patient rehabilitation centers throughout the Delaware Valley area.


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The church making a difference!

out patient substance abuse program



We have a Tuesday night 7 pm program with dinner at 8:30 pm. Our Tuesday meetings serve as a weekly outpatient addiction program which includes support meetings that provide counseling, togetherness, spiritual care and follow up care to people who are facing addiction.  We have helped over 522 clients get into rehab and/ or detox absolutely free. No insurance necessary. This year we were instrumental in starting another weekly rehab program in Atlantic City, NJ that takes place on Thursday nights.


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